Treatment Enhancements

Add-on Treatments

Bodywork Add-ons (25 minutes)

Bodywraps and Scrubs

Drench yourself in the pleasures of aromatherapy, medicinal plants, and tinctures by enhancing any treatment with an exfoliating scrub or detoxifying bodywrap.


This Eastern scientific approach to treating illness involves having a skilled practitioner apply pressure to specific reflex points in the hands and feet that correspond to internal organs and nerves. Using thumb pressure, every system in the entire body gets an invigorating reboot.


This treatment focuses primarily on the head and neck to unwind blocks to the spinal cord, brain stem, central nervous system, and lymph. Restrictions in these areas can cause organ dysfunction, postural problems, and pain. This exceptionally relaxing practice releases endorphins and increases the flow of cerebral spinal fluid for optimal health.

Energy Work and Sound Healing

Unseen energy flows through all living things. Stress, injury, and illness can often block the natural flow of that energy—but when it is summoned to return, the human form can correct many of its own imbalances. Based on our knowledge of the Hindu nadi system, chakras, and the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, our energy workers aim to get all systems operating optimally in a gentle and nurturing way, aided by the use of tuning forks and meditative visualization.

Soaks, Saunas, and Oxygen


Deepen your wellness experience with a soak in one of our Japanese Ofuro tubs, traditionally used to cleanse the body and mind before transformational bodywork or skin care treatments. These deeps soak tubs, aided by minerals, salts, and plant medicine help stimulate circulation while promoting deeper relaxation and restoration to the mind-body-spirit connection.


Enhance any treatment and release toxins in a gentle and relaxing way with our medical-grade far infrared saunas. Great for rapid muscle, bone, and injury recovery, heavy metal chelation, pain relief, weight loss, increased circulation, and skin purification.


Our NanoVi advanced oxygen therapy devices are designed to mimic the existence of free radicals in order to trigger the body’s natural protection against free radical damage and oxidative stress. With this device, water molecules are exposed to a photo induction process (excitation) in the same way that would occur if they were exposed to free radicals, passing into the user’s body through high-performance, energy-conserving tubing in order to stimulate the body’s oxidative response and cellular activity to promote better function of all organs and surrounding cellular tissue.